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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Running Schedule

Before 6/23 (the date T1 came into my life) I was running 5.6 miles Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday was long day of a 10+ miler. Thursday and Sunday were rest days.

Since T1 I changed things up a bit.  I am now running 4.02 miles Monday to Friday. Saturday is still long run day however the farthest I have run is 7.02 last Sunday. That was a challenging run as it was up in Greenville, NY in the Catskill Mountains. I finished in 1:04:02 with almost 600 feet of elevation gain.

For a Long Island boy who has lived his whole life at sea level and ran on the flat road of the Island that is some elevation! My legs were screaming at the end!

My weekday runs are done before work at 04:10 hours. Yep, that's 4:10AM! What can I say? I'm a morning person.

Anyways, we had a nasty t-storm erupt right at the same time as my run so I took a rest day on Monday.  Yesterday and today were 4 milers finishing in 34 minutes each time.  Tomorrow and Friday will be 4 milers.

Saturday the plan is for 8. That will be the first time I carry my meter and test my bg during the run. My good friend is sowing a new pouch on my running belt to hold my meter, test strip, swan and lancet. 

I have already updated my RoadID bracelet to reflect my new health status - T1. RoadID is a great company! I have worn their "sport" bracelet since 2008 when I started running.  I just got my updated plate in the mail as well as a new "slim" style red bracelet that I wear all the time now.

My bg was good this morning out of bed. 94 before the run. I ate a quick granola bar before the run to keep the bg up.  After the run and shower and before breakfast it went up to 123 as usual. What stinks is it dipped to 74 before lunch.  I have been having that drop more or less every running day. Dr, Nurse and Dietician said it is normal due to the liver dumping glycogen during the run for my muscles and that it can take up to 24 hours to replace it!  Here is article I found about it: http://type1diabetes.about.com/od/technologyandequipment/a/Why-Blood-Glucose-Drops-After-Exercise.htm

Yikes! All three said to keep up the running as it is great for my and my diabetes.

Anyways I checked my bg graph and in my first month with T1 my bg average is right around 100 with some highs and lows.  More lows then highs though.

Enough for now.


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